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The following is the summary of the presentation provided in the what telling/what told  part of the presentation which is also the Thank You link on the Outline page

What to tell/What told (New Mental Health Paradigm & Neuromodulation Therapies)

I am a worst case (infancy trauma and TBI) healing scenario under new MH paradigm and therapies that has resulted in success for me and want to share

That success is based on non-drug neuromodulation therapies to effect plasticity and conditioning of rhythmic bio-electric activities of our bodies.

New MH paradigm (talk/drugs versus talk/neuromodulation) and overview of rhythmic neuromodulation therapies

Basis for new paradigm

- Bio-chemical basis for neuronal activity is outdated and wrong

- New player in game (glial/astrocytes) are active agents of neuronal control and produce epiphenomena rhythms that we can measure on the scalp (EEG frequencies)

- Accumulation of measurements of these rhythms/frequencies has shown that dysregulation of the rhythms of glial/neurons can be associated with mental health problems and can be remediated with various neuromodulation therapies

- Early development of our vagus nerve can be affected by the mothers mental state during the last trimester and personal trauma during the first year out of the womb. The mall-development makes it difficult to regulate behavioral state and to use the features of the social engagement system (i.e. fascial expression, vocal prosody) for social learning/bonding. This mall-development affects our bio-electric rhythms and can be remediated with neuromodulation therapies.

Description of rhythm dysregulation examples (depression, PTSD, anxiety)

List and description of neuromodulation techniques including my experience

Potential future of new paradigm and neuromodulation techniques